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At Solas Mind we offer counselling and training to corporate clients, with a focus on the creative industries.

We offer effective in-house learning and development solutions. We aim to support people and enable employees to feel more comfortable and confident to talk about their mental health.​

Our bespoke in-house courses are custom made to meet the needs of your organisation and are delivered at venues and dates that suit you. Many of our packages can be offered as either a half day or a full day, in-house or online.
We are passionate about Suicide Prevention Education and deliver the UK’s only National Qualification in Suicide Prevention -“SFA: Suicide First Aid through Understanding Suicide Intervention”.​

We also deliver Mental Health First Aid England training courses and a range of workshops including 'Building Resilience in the Workplace'

Solas Mind Mental Health Champion Training - 3 Hours

Become a Solas Mental Health Champion.
This course will increase awareness and understanding around mental health and will help individuals to recognise the signs and offer support to people suffering from emotional distress in the workplace and in the community. PDF workbook and certificate included

Course Content:

This session will cover:

Course Goals:

Mental Health Awareness for HODs & Managers

The challenges of filming schedules, post Covid-19 anxiety and fear, post-traumatic stress, demanding work schedules, adapting to new filming practices, social distancing will have a large impact on mental health.

The session will increase the awareness and understanding around mental health and will help managers to recognise the signs and offer support to people suffering from mental distress in the workplace and in the community.

Course Content:

This session will cover:

Course Goals:

Resilient Leadership


This course is for individuals who would like to develop their leadership skills and also learn effective strategies to support self-care and recognise when team members may be struggling.
Dealing with uncertainty is recognised as one of the most significant leadership challenges. This course will support leaders, HODs, managers and help them better manage the pressure and emotional toll of supporting and guding a team.
This training will provide tools and strategies to help individuals develop the mindset and behaviours to communicate effectively, maintain boundaries and navigate uncertainty whilst supporting their own self-care and the well-being of their team

The areas of focus:

Part 1:​ Resilient Thinking and Supporting Self-Care

How resilient are you? Resilience is the ability to adapt in the face of challenging circumstances. Resilient leaders have the ability to cope with disruption, adversity and frequent changes. They adapt under immense pressure, all whilst maintaining positivity and managing their teams effectively.

With the acute physical, mental, emotional and social behaviours inevitably highlighted by COVID-19 resiliency is the key to supporting and managing teams. We will look at how to boost self- care and manage workplace stress.

Topics covered will include:

Part 2:​ Leading With Vision and Supporting Others

Now that unhelpful thinking styles have been identified, we will discuss setting expectations, team goals, effective communication strategies and having difficult conversations. Developing personal adaptability is central, and a growth mindset is key.
We will  look at the difficulties of communicating effectively and with empathy and how to spot the signs someone is struggling.​

Topics covered will include:

Course Dates
Two daytime sessions or two evening sessions over Zoom
  • Course 1: TBC
  • Course 2: TBC
Application Deadlines
  • Applications close: TBC
  • Notifications: TBC
  • Confirmation of attendance: TBC

Solas Mind is here for your production, company, studio


We have worked with most of the biggest clients in the film, tv and theatre sector - supporting their productions and companies.


We have over 50 dedicated practitioners who are qualified, vetted, and personally interviewed by our team.


We have received 99% positive feedback from all of the clients and productions that we have worked with.


We consistently monitor and optimise the security of our data, to make sure that all client and therapy information is safe.


We tailor our service to every client and individual, to make sure they get the most from Solas Mind.


All of our practitioners are fully qualified and abide by an ethical code of practice. Confidentiality is central to this.
Why us?

We work in partnership with you to deliver mental health services that are right for you. We provide an external source of support - an independent, personal service, that is not linked to the company or studio. Thus, individuals are less reticent to seek help if needed.​

The challenges of filming schedules, post Covid-19 anxiety and fear, post-traumatic stress, demanding work schedules, adapting to new working practices, social distancing will have a large impact on mental health:

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What makes us different is that all our counsellors, coaches, wellbeing practitioners and trainers have:
  • Professional registration with an industry body; e.g. the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), UKCP, HCPC, ICF, NCS
  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)certificates
  • Professional indemnity insurance
  • Regular and continuous professional development
  • Regular supervision of their work in line with their ethical framework to ensure high standards
  • Understand or have worked in film and TV or another creative industry
"Here at The Brain Tumour Charity we’ve been working Solas Mind for 2 years and have nothing but praise for the service they provide.  It’s so easy for our team members to access really effective counselling via the online platform, it’s become a very valued benefit.  There’s a great choice of counsellors with varied expertise and the online resources are helpful and easy to access.."
Michelle Stevenson, People and Culture Manager, The Brain Tumour Charity
"The pressure on crew to present a strong front that you're OK and not show weakness or flaws is enormous. The pressures of being freelance are wide ranging and often invisible. There is no one who is looking out for individuals not coping so it's important that there is someone external that they can speak to without fear of being exposed. The industry may be open for business and full steam ahead, we are not back to normal. An independent counselling service like the wonderful Solas Mind available on every production and training beforehand would be invaluable to any crew who may be struggling to cope. Any avenue open to the freelancers in Film and TV which gives them professional help from qualified individuals and stops problems becoming something more serious should be embraced and welcomed by all productions and become standard practise"
Harriet Lawrence, Supervising Location Manager
"Solas Mind delivered mental health awareness training for our crew as part of a package of wellbeing support and it was so beneficial. Too many people are still caught up in the stigma of addressing their mental health.Having Solas Mind on call throughout production, offering a professional support service was invaluable. In the current climate we need this now more than ever"
Emma Mallett, Production Manager
"Sarah has an understanding of the industry, she can absolutely understand the issues that trainees and freelancers face and their current potential anxieties. Sarah and her team at Solas Mind have been offering 1-2-1 counselling  to our HETV Trainee Finder trainees, First Break and Make a Move participants for those who have felt that they needed someone to speak to in the COVID-19 pandemic.The sessions have been easy to book and feedback from those who have attended has been positive. Trainees have appreciated that ScreenSkills HETV has ensured that they have had access to this kind of support in this uncertain time and we have really welcomed working with Sarah to provide it."
Nicky Ball - ScreenSkills HETV Senior New Entrant Manager
"Solas Mind have been instrumental in keeping our crew feel safe and supported at work during the Covid 19 pandemic. From support on how to deal with and recognise signs of people struggling with mental health to being a great support for myself with the pressures of working as a Covid production manager. Every production should have a professional mental service like Solas Mind onboard to support crew."
Georgette Turner, Director, Production Safety Boat Rocker Studios

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All of our bookings are private and secure. Our therapists follow strict regulatory and ethical codes.

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