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Solas Mind is a unique company that offers bespoke well-being support in the Creative Sector.

We are the go-to mental health company in Film, TV and Theatre combining in-depth knowledge of the industry with accredited psychotherapy training.
​In response to industry demand, our founder, Sarah McCaffrey, combined her experience of working in film and media and as a psychotherapist (MBACP) to create Solas Mind.
​Passionate about mental health we do not want to offer a service that merely 'ticks a box'.
We are advocates for culture change and mental health support in Film, TV and Theatre production. Providing a full consultancy and support service tailored to suit the fast-paced Creative Industries.
​We provide on-call well-being support and safeguarding - in-house, on-set, or remotely; that crew, freelancers, employees can access directly and confidentially as and when needed.​
We also provide accredited mental heath training, wellbeing practitioners and safeguarding support officers for film/tv/ theatre productions.
​Our founder, Sarah, designs and delivers Mental Health Awareness Training nationwide for HETV Drama Heads of Department on behalf of ScreenSkills and runs training throughout the Industry.
​If you would like to discuss how you can integrate safeguarding, positive mental health and emotional wellbeing support into your productions or companies then please do get in touch with us.
"Solas Mind have been instrumental in keeping our crew feel safe and supported at work during the Covid 19 pandemic. From support on how to deal with and recognise signs of people struggling with mental health to being a great support for myself with the pressures of working as a Covid production manager. Every production should have a professional mental service like Solas Mind onboard to support crew."
Georgette Turner, Director, Production Safety Boat Rocker Studios
"The pressure on crew to present a strong front that you're OK and not show weakness or flaws is enormous. The pressures of being freelance are wide ranging and often invisible. There is no one who is looking out for individuals not coping so it's important that there is someone external that they can speak to without fear of being exposed. The industry may be open for business and full steam ahead, we are not back to normal. An independent counselling service like the wonderful Solas Mind available on every production and training beforehand would be invaluable to any crew who may be struggling to cope. Any avenue open to the freelancers in Film and TV which gives them professional help from qualified individuals and stops problems becoming something more serious should be embraced and welcomed by all productions and become standard practise"
Harriet Lawrence, Supervising Location Manager
"Solas Mind delivered mental health awareness training for our crew as part of a package of wellbeing support and it was so beneficial. Too many people are still caught up in the stigma of addressing their mental health.Having Solas Mind on call throughout production, offering a professional support service was invaluable. In the current climate we need this now more than ever
Emma Mallett, Production Manager
"Sarah has an understanding of the industry, she can absolutely understand the issues that trainees and freelancers face and their current potential anxieties.Sarah and her team at Solas Mind have been offering 1-2-1 counselling  to our HETV Trainee Finder trainees, First Break and Make a Move participants for those who have felt that they needed someone to speak to in the COVID-19 pandemic.The sessions have been easy to book and feedback from those who have attended has been positive. Trainees have appreciated that ScreenSkills HETV has ensured that they have had access to this kind of support in this uncertain time and we have really welcomed working with Sarah to provide it"
Nicky Ball - ScreenSkills HETV Senior New Entrant Manager

What we can offer

We provide professional, bespoke, therapeutic support services to production companies, studios, crew, and creative freelancers. Support can be provided both remotely or in person.

Project consultation services include coaching or counselling support, on-site wellbeing practitioners, mental health risk assessments, wellbeing workshops, Mental Health and Suicide First Aid courses.

All Solas Mind Trainers, Coaches and Therapists are fully qualified and registered specialists.
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Workplace Wellbeing Support

We are the go-to mental health company in the Film, TV and Theatre Industry.Solas Mind can provide in-house, online or on-set counselling or coaching services, suicide prevention education and mental health first aid training.
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Individual Counselling

Counselling and coaching can help to reduce psychological distress (e.g. depression, anxiety, chronic stress) and enhance and promote psychological well being.
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First Aid for Mental Health

We offer a range of evidence-based face to face and digital learning, from awareness raising to skill development. Our courses empower people to notice signs of mental ill health, and encourage them to break down barriers, listen in a non-judgemental way, and signpost to support for recovery.
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Bespoke Services

We can offer you a completely tailored package of wellbeing support. We aim to assist you and help you get the most out of Solas Mind by making sure we provide you exactly what you need
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Mental Health Training

We offer comprehensive mental health training to help our clients to understand and cope with potential mental health issues and to promote wellbeing in their company and beyond
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Suicide First Aid

Teaching the theory and practice of suicide intervention skills that can be applied in any professional or personal setting, captured in a one-day event accredited by City and Guilds of London.
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Our Founder

Sarah Mccaffrey MBACP

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Speak to our team about setting up Mental Health support for your project

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