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Solas X Say So Safeguarding Support  

We are delighted to announce a working collaboration with Say So who provide an impartial, external reporting service for all workplace concerns  such as bullying and harassment.


Say So offer anonymous, confidential or open reporting through a safe and secure means and uniquely deliver personal briefings to staff to build confidence and trust.

 'Speaking up' to keep people safe is their passion and with their vast experience working in the safeguarding arena they have developed a service to meet the needs of all concerned including strict contract terms that ensure exclusive notification to client organisations of all reports received via their secure platform.

 Solas can address any welfare support issues and Say So can provide fully qualified safeguarding support officers on set as needed.  

This Solas and Say So combination is hugely exciting and provides a full welfare support service for productions, studios and freelancers in the Industry. 

With this service in place the organisation demonstrates a visible commitment to improving the workplace culture and making the environment safe and supportive for all. 

 Solas X Say So - The Integrated Approach to workplace well-being

Promotion - Protection - Support.


Why Us?

We work in partnership with you to deliver mental health and safeguarding services that are right for you. We provide an external source of support - an independent, professional service, that is not linked to the company or studio. Thus, individuals are less reticent to seek help if needed.

As a partnership we work alongside our client companies to help them reduce risks, improve standards and create a better working environment by:

  • causing a change in culture and attitudes so that open and inclusive communication becomes accepted as normal practice

  • providing the means for voices of all freelancers/employees to be heard

  • engendering greater confidence amongst freelancers at client companies to refer issues, concerns and ideas to management

  • providing mental health support to those who are struggling whilst giving them a place where they can raise concerns anonymously and trust the information will be heard.

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  • Say So provides a completely independent reporting facility (using cost-free telephone or online options) for staff to make reports of any issue that affects the standard of service/product delivery.

  • Say So provides briefings to management and staff explaining their service and how it can change culture.

  • Say So sensitively receives and manages reports in a way that maintains anonymity of the reporter and will not disclose identities to employers unless written permission is given.

  • Say So will instruct lawyers to make robust representations arguing against disclosure of identities (where notice of applications to court is provided).

  • Say So will not furnish identities of reporters in response to requests made under the Data Protection Act.

  • Say So then, offers a reporting service that staff can have confidence in.


Client safety and maintaining professional standards is our priority​