Mental Health Week

To support Mental Health Awareness week I ran an introductory session on Suicide First Aid for Screenskills ITF and was part of a fantastic session 'First aid for film freelancers: #2 Mind'

Suicide First Aid Safety Guide:

1 - Recognise and ask

2 - Listen and explore

3 - Signpost and support

First aid for film freelancers: #2 Mind

With the film sector in hibernation, many film freelancers are unsure what other work they could do, and how they are going to make ends meet. This workshop focussed on the mind and how we understand, manage and deal with the feelings and anxieties created by the lockdown.

The goal of the session was to provide participants with a Lockdown Professional Survival Toolkit that would enable them to put strategies in places to keep their mental health in good shape and to know the signs that they might need professional help.

It was a privilege to deliver the talk alongside Dr. Alison Kahn, Senior Fellow, Digital and Material Anthropology, Stanford University Overseas Program and Alison Grade, author, The Freelance Bible.

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